dollar collapse


The Dollar is Heading for Collapse

A perfect storm is developing in front of our eyes:

1. U. S. Debt.

2. How banks are affected by housing and credit problems.

4. The condition of banks and the Federal Reserve's response.

5. The financial endgame.

U. S. Debt
Total U.S. debt grew from $5.6 trillion in 2000 to $10.6 trillion as of October 2008, almost a 100% increase. The federal government is now spending $6.3 billion more per day than it takes in. Government liabilities, including net social insurance commitments, now total $54 trillion and will continue to grow. The government must create dollars to cover its deficit spending. As each new dollar is created, the value of all dollars is reduced. The money supply is currently growing at an annualized rate of 17.2% and is accelerating. This rising amount of money will greatly weaken the dollar.

How banks are affected by housing and credit problems
So far, debt writedowns have exceeded $330 billion. While that has already caused huge losses for banks and investment houses, it is only a tiny fraction of the $6.4 trillion securitized debt outstanding. A huge amount of those securities are junk — an amount far larger than a $700 billion bailout can handle. There were 1.45 million foreclosure filings from January through August 2008. Foreclosures will trigger additional devaluations of mortgage-backed securities in the hundreds of billions, causing even greater losses for banks.

The condition of banks and the Federal Reserve's response
Banks are facing insolvency because of their junk securities. The condition of banks is reflected in the falling prices of bank stocks. The bailout will put $700 billion - new money - into banks in a futile effort to bolster their balance sheets. The Federal Reserve has pumped over $1 trillion into banks and investment firms since last December. The cost of taking over Fannie and Freddie is expected to be at least $200 billion, and $150 billion more has gone to the AIG insurance conglomerate. Now we have a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. It is all borrowed money.

The financial endgame
Sovereign nations that cannot meet their financial obligations typically resort to the currency printing press. The inevitable result is debasement of the currency. This is the course the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve have taken.

The unfolding bank solvency crisis and the attempts to prevent a systemic collapse have accelerated the debasement of the dollar. When everyone begins realizing that paper money is limitless, the dollar will descend rapidly. Current fears of "deflation" will vanish. In addition, tapped out U.S. consumers will no longer be purchasing trillions worth of exports. That will eliminate the incentive for our trade partners to continue supporting the dollar. When substantial foreign investment starts to flee our currency for safety elsewhere, the Federal Reserve will be forced to monetize the U.S. debt instead of selling treasury bonds.

At that point the currency printing presses will be running full speed. It will be the beginning of a U.S. hyperinflation. Nobody can predict when it will happen. Since most financial activity is electronic, when the unraveling begins it will progress very rapidly. The timing of the fall does not matter, however, if you are prepared.

You can act to protect your financial future!

  • Smart decisions will not only preserve but increase your money.
  • You need to do it before the unraveling.

HOW TO SURVIVE THE DOLLAR COLLAPSE will make it easy for you to see and understand the fall of the dollar.


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HOW TO SURVIVE THE DOLLAR COLLAPSE provides a clear and comprehensive picture for making informed decisions about your financial future in language anyone can understand. And you can have it immediately.

Dollar Collapse

Fewer than one in a hundred understand what's happening — and even fewer know what to do about it. You owe it to yourself to be one of those who do.

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